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The Spring Cleaning EP.

by Chi.Turner.

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new shit.


released May 16, 2011

produced by me.


all rights reserved



Chi.Turner. Vancouver, British Columbia

Delicious sonic textures, lyrics channeling an unusual devotion to daily life and a voice who's owner (some say) drinks too much coffee. Slightly better than cigarettes, I suppose.

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Track Name: Wake Up World.
(dedicated to the people)

wake up world
or stay in this hell you've found
it's time to shift your mind
back to the other side

wake up world
or burn in the hell you've found

you're not gonna fool the people

too long
too short
too tall
too small

that's why

wake up world
or burn in this hell you've found
burn in this hell you've found
burn in this hell you've found

burn x11

wake up world
you're out of time
out of time
out of time
out of time
Track Name: A Trip (To Recap).
(Basic shit)

Air it out yall

This AC conditioning like
bein forced to feel this "listen-in"
only cuz aint nobody left:

Since all that fresh gangsta shit got shot up
by 14 yr old suburbanites,
(thinkin they was some kind of 'pac initiates)
all eyes left the senate.

So vengeance on ghetto youth was swift;
supported by your 'keepin it real' campaigns that went
straight into the waste paper basket.

Just say no niggas.

All yall prefer to vent frustrations from cutting heroin?
So like all crack heads gone wild,
the population fell back into they lust for denial.

Bein realer than me aint really meanin nothin.
You still rather clown me nigga?
Get ova bein puss; you stupid.

I guarantee you:
Eye continuously BeBop
to my own tunes.

Not to win a crowd or to say I beat you down because
battlin you aint enough.

No fronts.
I'm living life bredren.

Hear 'Breezin' thru the ear.
Using these words as an ole man with enough respect to build
with or without you,
I aint against sacrificing soundin ignorant.
To suggest reason, I enlighten precise with it.

You can come thru
or die out, soundin like a write-off cryin wolf.

Hear this.
Reverberate it back all you want.
Or front.

Don't forget; real peoples is out here.

Why put us in a ziplock just 'cuz you on a block itchin
for some studio session time?
Catch your ears hearing this thru your bloodline.
Not the mic:

"I'm allowed to be myself cuz I chose this life."

Presently surprised and signed by your bredren,

Spelled "as a nation".

See you next time.
Signing off here.
Peace and Blessings.
Track Name: So Many Things.
so many things.
that won't end to the world today.
stuffy noses,
runny feet and
twisted hands.
so many things gone away.
so many things.
Track Name: Miracle.
Maybe you can figure it out,
So pitch your 'perfect' for the camera.

Hope you know it’s for nostalgia.
Allow me to be a good provider.

Whether father figure or adventurer/lover...
oh yes.
Another one?
It’s a miracle.


Baby, you can figure it out.
Just be prepared to do what you supposed to do.

Aint no sense in cryin the blues.
If you don’t understand, what you tryin to prove?

Faded individual? Lookin for another subliminal?
Can you really handle it tho?
Just look into your soul.

Above it all,
whether father figure or adventurer/lover,
oh yeah...another one.

It’s a miracle.

So what you gonna do to get your self better?
Just can’t sit around waiting for ever.

So maybe you should figure it out.
Give your perfect for the camera.

Hope you know it’s for nostalgia.
Allow me to be a good provider.

Whether father figure or adventurer/lover,
oh yes...another one.

It’s a miracle.

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