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THIS IS A BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE. If you enjoyed it, let me know!


released February 14, 2018

written, produced and arranged by chi turner.


all rights reserved



Chi.Turner. Vancouver, British Columbia

Delicious sonic textures, lyrics channeling an unusual devotion to daily life and a voice who's owner (some say) drinks too much coffee. Slightly better than cigarettes, I suppose.

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Track Name: Wellington
Kid on the run
chasing dreams,
been around here?

(same breath)

Family plan
complete with
family fears?


Should’ve left, but neither felt ashamed
while the people found their name
to be one
and the same.

Hey hey hey

The ebb and flow is all we know;
the days, unsaid.

To rest our heads?
Late night thinking every word instead.

Oh lawd,
can you help me?

I’ve travelled
oh…so far

to reach your higher lands
in knowing who you are….

I found a dream
and it washed away
I found a way
and she called my name
I built the world
with the heart of awakening
I found a way back home
to my love

Hey hey hey

“So, carefully listen to who you are.”
Track Name: Further Your Minds
So further your minds
regardless of the foolish who fake,
regurgitating the flavour they ate.

I digress.
Of course.
Apologies in order.
My temper lesser.

seeing my own
building on the strength
and it’s on.

It’s a gift of ownership.

Knowing my people?

Pleasure just seeing vehicles they flying in around the world!

I settle my thoughts
and sink into the paper to learn.

I be thinking I be creating alone…
then the phone rings
and my lady friend from back in the day
she telling me:
“Ay! Where you been at? I’m in NYC. Catch a flight! Our peoples happening here.”
Bring the kids?
“For sure!”
“They need to see you rockin’ one more time.”

So then,
I’m out in the world!

Elder speaking what it is in the park,
and everybody show the movement they on.

And we laugh a lot…
and we cry a little
knowing every moment in this blessing is ours.

Independently major
build skyscrapers, pyramids, squares
for my laborers.

If you wish to learn
where you are now,
draw that center being you been rockin’
and raise up!
Track Name: No Kidding
I been alright.
I’m good.
All them speaking sideways
They over there.

Yall rolling up.
Pleasure doing business with yall.

Just be aware.

Ain’t no kidding
I’m a blessed man.
Yeah, I’m all the way strange.

Ain’t no difference if the world ends

I am
All I ever need to be.
Track Name: YEAH!!
I broke down
and jumped ahead.
Now I’m back
just like I said.

Before you wake up
out of bed,
hear these words
“young I” has said.

Yeah yeah
(love will be the answer forever and ever)
Yeah yeah
(ever after silly, forever and ever)

Travelling hearts finding wings
sail above such joys we bring.
Eucalyptus mint kisses ring.
Once a charm, now everything.

Yeah yeah
(love will be the answer forever and ever)
Yeah yeah
(ever after silly, forever and ever)
Track Name: BLinked In
I need something, being lost
while you still thinking you’re found.

Some people ain’t even mind,
some people ain’t even love.

And yet,
my finders’ keepers is true.

You fine?
What you get?

‘Till thinking too much you have
and death is all you regret…

I need love.
(I’ll try, I’ll try, I’ll try)

I place my feet in the sands
holding you close
these tears spilling over
I will never let go.
Track Name: The Faith
These whispers carry words
off into the wind.
Easy I breathe out,
escaping again.

High above the world,
incredibly so.
Humble not to fall
or ever let go.

Blessings from beyond,
surrounded we are.
Cherish moments here,
shinning from afar.

Many shall forget
And question your heart
Hold your very soul
And carry the spark

I question every word that I’ve ever said,
and carried moments lost
not thinking ahead.

Sometimes I’ve fumbled plans
unsure of my self.
Stumbled over chances,
asking for help.

Still there’s reasons
I am who I’ve become.
Whispered through the winds,
some things I have done.

Lessons of the day,
these moments we share
Peace to you and yours
we’re already there.

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