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I started putting this album together, shortly after Leaving Monster Land (LML), with a sense of urgency to release something to keep my friends and fellow creatives inspired to embrace their everyday experiences, instead of trying to escape them.

Within a few ongoing conversations, a base narrative about the confines provided by our everyday ways and means began to take shape. I attempted to encapsulate the emotional roller coaster within the 10 stories here for your listening enjoyment.



released March 17, 2019

words + music: chi turner
produced by: renny @ nursery control
(c) 2019 ihc renrut publishing


all rights reserved



Chi.Turner. Vancouver, British Columbia

Delicious sonic textures, lyrics channeling an unusual devotion to daily life and a voice who's owner (some say) drinks too much coffee. Slightly better than cigarettes, I suppose.

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Track Name: Come See Me Soon
I be on my way x3

What if I were to change into someone else?
That someone you've been looking for?
Would you prefer a tidy romance,
or more raw than what you bargained for?

I'm afraid I'm a little bit too old
to play games with you like the rest.

A little too stuck in my own old fashioned ways.
I'd rather leave you an address
to come see me.

I be on my way x3
(say it)
I be on my way
(come see me)
I be on my way
(Tell me you'll)
I'll be on my way
(I'll be waiting for you)

Come see me soon

Track Name: Sunday Good Lawd
Naval to the cradle;
got that reach.

Super civil,
being more civilian
than any watered down

On my wrist?

Kissy fish
inky ring
ill floats

that ish kid!

I leave rings, kings and queens
with dropped jaws.

Pop locks?
I used ta.

Not anymore brah.

I'm just holding waves like my séance ‘92.

Nerded up
and loving how
it’s easy to tell you.

I love all that cookie cutter rap.
I just eat food.

You can tell me anything
I figure it’s on you.

(I beg you pardon, i…)
(I think I gotta think about it)
(You just not quite right, like the others)
(You cool as ever, but not like the others)

You all sound mad,
so I don’t understand.

All them people with you and you salty like this bag of popcorn
I had to pay
$9 dollars, 99.
Maybe I need to go back and write
some popcorn rhymes.

Ain’t nothing wrong with what you doing
go and get that,

Just remember you inspire the future you
that’s facts.

Keep having fun with this here,
globetrotter boom bap.

Until we meet again,
peace and blessings
that’s that.


(I beg you pardon, i…)
(I think I gotta think about it)
(You just not quite right, like the others)
(You cool as ever, but not like the others)
Track Name: Life After The Music Business
Is there more to tell,
sitting on the wing?

Change is come and gone.

Never to be found by you.

Conflicts fill the lost,
lost inside themselves.

Never to be found by you.

I share how it feels,
living in this world.

Living as spirit
in a time when I am
long gone.

Long gone.
Long gone on.

Will you hear the voice?
Will you tell the tale?
Or remember nothing else,
just the whiskey in your swill?

Will you hear the voice?
Will you tell the tale
Will you share your heartbeat
as a blessing for the world?
Track Name: Floki
Are you still waiting on the brink?
That's unfortunate.
Better listen close.

I long been here;
steady grind from The North.

Solitary confinement,
convicted of waking people up.

Elders made the call:
"Leave him in the cell."

Any connections waiting by the seconds
key the transfer.

I remain.
Whispers in the hallway.

Witnesses few and far between.
My demeanor,
keep it clean.

I have to.

I'm an old streetsweeper.

Steady on the grounds
on behalf of the realm.

I command nothing.

My ethers do the talking;
I channel for them
so they can teach you all.

I recall memories of others'
time and space riddim.

God's left hand.

Neutralise communications
at will.
Closed circuits.

(If this be the night we get out)
(Let's do it)
Track Name: Smile Cupcakes
I probably shoulda been a lawyer,
I just don’t have the brain.

They say I
coulda been a designer,
But I barely know my name.

Maybe if I was a new age salesman,
I could find my inner peace.

But here I am
riding off into the sunset,
in this age of disbelief.

It’s harder than it sounds
Speaking whispers of the heart.

On behalf of the good people of the world,
Who don’t know where to start.

I sing for the world
For the smile you need to share,
the words that show you care
these moments here
I live and breathe for you

(Break it down for your love)
(Come back around)

I sing for the world
For the smile you need to share,
the words that show you care
these moments here
I live and breathe for you
Track Name: Gravity, Venus and Neptune
Feel it in your body;
letting it go.

I ain’t say nothing.

On with the show.

I’m from the mountains,
live by the sea.

Water and juices
cool as the breeze.

I wanna touch you,
just so you know.

Primal, I’m calling it.
Letting it show.

This ain’t the first time,
won’t be the last.
will you call me name?

Hooked on your body, bae.

So Lover
come and take me down
I appreciate you
and if it’s too much
too much
for you

let me go
cause I don't wanna waste your time.

Hooked on your body, bae.

(too much for me)
(lawd, please somebody help me)
Track Name: Good Morning
(nah, this for me)

Steady rocking on behalf of those can’t
past 40.

Still alive and feeling no concerns
with any less.

Reaching out beyond this space suit?
Due to knowledge.

Beats provided
courtesy soul surplus
port rich.

I’m far from the struggle,
fair warning on that.

I keep my coffee and cream.
every step on the map.

Over spending like you money?
I might cut you a check.

But if we stepping in together
then don’t worry bout that.


We the few left “for the people”
as we unify.

Tyranny been in effect
before the enterprise.

So keep it moving.

Build your hearts and minds
and get that nonsense out the way.

Welcome back to the world.
It's been a minute, huh?

An incredible day
I hope you feeling alright.

Good morning!

Reaching out.
It's been a long time.

Let the music play,
let it nuture you.
If for nothing else but to see you smile
Take your time and do it right

(good morning)
(yeah, lemme just say right now)
(this individual is responsible)
(for the success of all that you see here)
(give praise)
(give praise)

(kid, we got work to do)
Track Name: AM

You have no idea.
I keep it nice.
Elder precise
and I'm out on you twice.

Sorry to hear 'bout that plane you was rocking.
I'm sweeping the hills near the ocean.

I'm light.

You been all that?
Ace got your back.
Happy you not losing all of your stacks.

Figured I'd spazz on my own elder capo.
Still, I ain't calling you back.

Must be the heir.

Kudos to kiddo.
She knows and she cares.

All the more reason they chilled the mimosas
and held up a ocean,
while you kept us frozen
I guess.

Some things they'll never confess.
That's why these humans a mess.
Still thinking egos is best?
That's how you lose when it's chess.

Regardless who's focused,
I've been in the wind
all them summers you thought you was next.


All of them numbers
for playing yourself.

For that rep.
Track Name: Feel It All In Your Toes
We step in to keep the party feeling nice.
Feel it all in your toes. (oh yeah)
Leave it all on the floor. (oh yeah)

Lemme shake it out,
it's so easy.
Lemme hear there's something wrong,
I'm a break it down on time.
Building as I ease my mind.

Waves in the air,
speaking languages
and it's all love

(say again)
It's all love
(baby, baby)
It's all love

Yes ma'am!!

We step in to keep the party feeling nice.
Feel it all in your toes. (oh yeah)
Leave it all on the floor. (oh yeah)

Were it not for my DJ
spinning 45s,
for the record
I'd be lost.

So turn it up a touch,
let your body go.

Step around the room,
let your people know
(that we're)
on the way to seeing
beautiful things.

So nice.
All right,
all night.

We step in to keep the party feeling nice.
Feel it all in your toes. (oh yeah)
Leave it all on the floor. (oh yeah)

(oh yeah)
Track Name: Earth
(for you)

We've spoken magic between the lines
and if you're still searching,
yes...there is time.

So many life times and journeys from here.
(journeys from here)
(journeys from here)

From hesitation to moments like this,
care for these words.

I share as a gift.

For if it's still you
inside of these fears,
come forth, my dear.

(for you)

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