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7th Nursery Broadcast

by Chi.Turner.

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my official release.

album title meanings:

"7th": representing my favorite number, the god within all creation and this bein the 7th album i put together at the time, i just kept it simple.

"nursery": representing the view of my city, with a nod to her caretakers for their level of nurturing and dedication.

"broadcast": the presentation i was able to provide at the time.


released April 20, 2007

written, performed + produced by me.


all rights reserved



Chi.Turner. Vancouver, British Columbia

Delicious sonic textures, lyrics channeling an unusual devotion to daily life and a voice who's owner (some say) drinks too much coffee. Slightly better than cigarettes, I suppose.

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Track Name: Praise You (Creation)
why think about it when i'm everything i need?
i travel.
through these sands? hands...the joy.

they love the world as they hate themselves...and i can't save them.

so i live as my place returns
with those along the way.

those who feel the same feeling of pain?
again? again?!?

again (i praise you, lord)
praise you.

i give this for you beyond what i say.

as i leave this world for my own once more, i have my fears; i have my tears and i just have to walk around them.

around these tears...walk around these fears.
leaving this world...again...(leaving this world for my own world...once more)

...for love...(for love)
love...praise you...
praise you.
Track Name: Beautiful Things

i say a couple things.
one see you.
and number two i really don't have time to waste on you.

forgive me, it's my fault if i don't know your name.
but you know how the story's ending
and it's all the same to me.

beautiful things...calling your name.

and it's one of those kind of evenings.
so maybe you and i can...spend some time.

but until then, i gotta couple things i gotta do.
i ain't tryin to miss you

beautiful things...calling your name.
Track Name: General Hendrix In E Minor
i was missed.
i'm a stay this way faded thru the pages.
ancient living.
life never seen.
laughing my no name shoes off.
tailor made for free
by a friend of mine who just might charge you

you know how money gets, right?
low to the ground.
i ain't here to pretend to be rich.
i'm here to set a pace
even you can escape with.
after all
who am i to boss you around?
as the dirt gets verbal
buy the way.

this aint no subliminal bullshit.
i channel surf my own rhymes.

for the record
you've heard these drops before.
no problems.
cherish my creators so they know who they are.

to co-sign
how the rest this joint go?
oh yes.
no loose lips to sink ships, please.

sick of losing slave ships thru history.
from one joint chief to another...puff puff pass.

it's illlegitimate to quit the shit
and still be the kid?
dummy shit.
i can only say so much.

you got the clutch but
still can't touch?
praise due.
i'm here to see the babies do this.

wonderful to be who you are
we've been here before

i pray love keeps you safe.
free from wickedness.
many lose their way; left behind their faith.

love as i see
you still find your way believing
you gonna see this all for you.

somehow i remember nothing but
your forever stands.
as your child, i am.
blessing as i stumble.
humble i survive to praise you.

as this,
we inherit so often.
so it's not enough to be
who we used to be.

we've been here before
a thousand times before

wonderful to be who you are.
Track Name: Woodgrains pt. 2
(safe in the ground so...)
what triggers?

if you winnie the pooh, i long been a young christopher.
mister magoo stats (me).
you ain't got a problem, you alive and well.
1, 2s past that.

young hats.
what chapters frustrate many?
you know the context?
it's ------------.

with these clean fingerprints?
pension plans.
whose ole' man (is) runnin witcha?

young hoffman, wit his rain man pants on.
done with the numbers?
these fake tims.
put my ends up for mr. oscar
peter's son.

you can have the shoe string deal, boss.
season it.

gimme these kick backs?
mr. freeze in his speakers sayin -----------.
that's 9k rebates.
cheap enough for you?

i say this with or without your paper chase figures:
"you gotta buy these fees to reach me for reels."
try that recoup shit on some other nigga.

say that? yeah. you know the deal?

god's finders
keeper's losers.
weepers seats.

with the plush.
woodgrain touch enough of yuz?
trust in this world, i touch for ya.

(safe in the ground, so what's love?)
woodgrain plush with the touch enough of yuz.

i don't have the luxury seeing you much
so i pray
to see this little two-step protected
without a doubt.

(safe in the ground, so what's love?)
woodgrain plush with the touch enough of yuz.
Track Name: Hold (As In Wait)
street team families' bosses' loss
over $400 million income tax evasion.

ain't seen prison since '84
when his chauffeur gunned down his 2nd officer

law man said he tried to hide somebody
buying new prostitution with ole' drug habitats
street team knew someone had to go
so they oversold they crack game tools to soldiers

and now there's a backlash cuz "hip hop's dying".
what's killing the music?
is c.e.o. passion?

without help, no money is safe.
you best register your profits
'fore you lose your gates.

(streethop we love you)
(hiphop we love you)
(hold your guns for your suns)
(some ones is watching you)

some got they words with the strap
runnin your flesh with that
piece of heaven/tattoos at ground zero.
7:30 like clockwork.

some travel with dictionaries
teaching they seeds how to eat.

papayas in the tropics.
some been thru these checkout lines.

some bury they dead beef for a living.

some is on the run, terrified.

some just don't give a fuk.
they just stay alive.

(streethop we love you)
(hiphop we love you)
(hold your guns for your suns)
(some ones is watching you)
Track Name: Where Did You Go?
long ago
when the universe was young
we learned to be so in love with only one.

as the world could only see
until these moments in time could never be.

where did you go?

it used to be
when the air was soft and sweet.
you were the answer to every breath i released.
and here i am.
with these words i try to speak.
to live again is the life we need to see together.

where did you go?
Track Name: Come In
as in the oceans i've never seen.

even this heart cannot know what this means
even as i contemplate my life.

come in.
before you loose yourself to the cold,
come in.
no one deserves to be alone.
Track Name: Backyard Boogie
Backyard Boogie
(written, performed + produced by chi turner)

Deeper than that backyard;
Boogie they got you.
Deeper than that backyard boogie;
they got you and it’s hot.

I give this torch to the peacekeepers,
war vets,
and any mf that see thru this.
sh*t, got concerns?
yeah…you know what they sayin to me?
ignorance is winning.
So I’m about to say no more.
About where I am?
I’m ‘bout to keep my religion and my promise.
Lands and bounce.
Say what you want.
About how I did you wrong in the past?
You’ll never get it.

Deeper than that backyard;
Boogie they got you.
Deeper than that backyard boogie;
they got you and it’s hot.

Nah, this ain’t gangsta sh*t.
Like Colin Powell say…I don’t see the weapons.
I see the masses.
They want bloodshed more than they can handle it.
That’s destruction.
I rather be lost in translation; on some Bill Murray in Japan shit.
No discussion.
Don’t worry ‘bout the facts.
I speak direct.
And if money’s on the table I need more than checks.
I need lawyers’ bank accounts.
Bookkeepers’ Loans administration for the sharks.
Of course, then I need safe zones to keep me out of sight.
Just in case mfs start thinking they smart
And nah, I’m just waking up, man.
Forget the mess I got myself into…could be worse.
That’s why I take it as it is.
Run it back if you want…I’m chilling.

Deeper than that backyard boogie that got you.
Deeper than that backyard boogie that got you.
Deeper than that backyard boogie that got you.
Deeper than that backyard;
Boogie they got you and it’s hot.
Track Name: Teatime With Norah
maybe i'm just one of those people
you wish you knew.

forever i truly believe in.
it just wasn't you.

it's all very well, as i've said
and yes,
it's time to go.
i've put in my fair share with you.
guess i should've known


you knew who i was
and still,
you were so smart.
still, i told you
look out
even as we were falling apart.

i wish you good fortune
cuz i miss your smile.
but i'm here cuz i know how i am now.
i walk the miles.


maybe i'm just one of those people
you wish you knew.
forever i truly believe in.
it just wasn't you.

Track Name: Crunch
parlay (in other words talk to me)

runnin 4 wheels
toyota/sambucca survivor
high as eyesights
still in love with oprah
how i'm gonna say it?
long been strip searched and turned out

got my stove tops over that
dj scratch i'm sendin my appreciation for maintainin the music

i love women in here
first and foremost
taught me how to roll that
tree high b.i.


if i'm a be pop
pops be shoppin that
ain't no need to be obtuse

whateva man
that's the promise i heard first
you know i'm kinda thirsty

parlay (in other words talk to me)

welcome to the dream
i left reppin them cities, intuition, dope fiends and glass slippers
(left it all)
no offense
(bye bye)

i played myself and gave back to you
with just cause (peace laurence)

ain't nothing like spring cleaning
yall gonna be off the wall
i'm a be me and be out

some projects got them props
leaving monies on the side with them hot plates
and i'm good
parlay with me
as a workin man i'm a build with yall
peace yall
Track Name: You & Me
You and Me
(written, performed + produced by chi turner)

Never thought we’d be here.
I want to taste your love.
I’ve been around; enough times to think it over.

As I matter of fact, I probably got every single reason you’ve ever heard
for you and I to not be here.
So here: I want you.
Hear that? Woman?
I need to love. I want you to be there
Just you and me
(I want you to be there).

So I want you to take some time; think it over.
See, we got this time for a reason.
I ain’t gonna hold you back from where you need to get to.
What you need to do? Is.
All I know is the things I been thru,
and you I love waking up to.
Think it over.
Just you and me
(Think it over, girl)
Track Name: In Your Own Way
There's something in your eyes that makes me wanna cry.
There's something in your eyes that makes me wanna sigh.
how goodness gracious feels when you say forever after?

Hold me...
slowly as a promised man...
In your own way.

There's something in your eyes that makes me wanna sing.
You know it's in your eyes...
and I know it's the real thing.
How can I ever thank you for being my forever after?

You've made me a promised man...
In your own way.

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